Xiamen Airport Guide to Xiamen Airport (XMN)

Xiamen Airport (XMN)

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On the southeast coast of China, there is the Fujian province, across from Taiwan. Most of the province is governed by the People’s Republic of China, but some Fujianese islands, namely Kinmen and Matsu, are controlled by the Republic of China (Taiwan). The region is one of the largest tea-producing provinces in China.


In 2016, Xiamen international Airport (XMN) handled 20,814,244 passengers.

Terminal Information + info

Xiamen International Airport (XMN) has one unique passenger Terminal building for both domestic and international flights, with many services and facilities.

Transport + info

At Xiamen Airport you can use the following transport options:


  • Bus: you’ll find several public bus lines at the Xiamen International Airport.

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  • Car rental: renting a car in Xiamen city is a great idea, find your best option with our search engine.

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  • Taxi: you’ll find a wide rank of taxis a the Arrivals area of Xiamen International Airport.

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Facilities and Services + info

Xiamen International Airport (XMN) has a wide number of services and facilities:


  • ATMs and Currency exchange
  • Car rental offices
  • WiFi access
  • Restaurants and cafeterias


Airport Address: 1 Bell Blvd, Enfield, NS B2T 1K2, Canada

Airport number: +1 902-873-4422

About Xiamen

If you are planning a trip to Xiamen, Coastal Xiamen, once known as Amoy, is notable for several reasons. First, it is one of the port cities forcibly opened by the British after the First Opium War, and second, it is one of the original four special economic zones targeted by Deng Xiaoping for foreign trade and investment in the early 1980s. Due to this unique history, Xiamen has a wealth of colonial architecture and a well-developed economy. The city is very green and livable, and the beaches, particularly those at Gulangyu Island, are popular for weekend getaways and relaxing afternoons away from city life.

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